Project Description

archiTACT & SCdesign Ltd have early this year won a design competition to design & build the new vodafone outlets. The first to be completed successfully within the tight timeframes required by vodafone is the Paola outlet. Designed to encompass the stylish and continously developing image of vodafone, the outlet also satisfies the practical aspects of a retail outlet which strives to provide a comfortable working environment as well as an effective platform to serve its customers.

This project was a life experience from beginning to end whereby the designer & the client merged their forces in a team effort to create this outstanding outlet.

The outlet layout is divided into two main areas, the entrance and the service zone.

The entrance provides the customers with a welcoming waiting area that allows customers to view and experience the carefully displayed phones and accessories. The entrance also provides a seating area as well as an interactive laptop for the more technology oriented customers.

The service zone has a fluid layout which gives this outlet the necessary customer flow, whilst the use of mirrors gives a wider sense of space. The furniture was custom designed and built for an efficient display of items as well as an efficient staff operation. The use of brand colours and large prints gives the shop the necessary vibrant look.